Mapping the hilltop orchard

Schwarting Property, 1929

Sebastian Smith was the second owner of the Bluecirclefarm hill.  Some of the apple orchards he planted between 1864 and 1890 would last for almost a century.   Historians credit him with exporting apples to London in the late 1800s and helping establish the area’s reputation for fruit production.   By 1900 Paw Paw Lake had become a popular vacation destination with summer cottages, shoreline hotels and attractions and some of his orchards were replaced by new cottages on Hetherington Hill.  He sold the last of his holdings in 1922 to developers.  C.J. Schwarting, misidentified on this 1929 map as “Swarting”, served as trustee for the area which would remain orchards for most of the 20th Century and eventually become home to the Bluecircle.

Remnant of Smith's orchard legacy, 1960s

Pomona Point and Hetherington Development, 1903

1887 Map of Property Owners


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