Trees on sunny fields and shady hills

IMG_1643The mowing season is nearly over and as the last weed blossoms fade the dark green of healthy conifers shines through.  Although the volume of rainfall in late summer was less than ideal, seedlings from one and two years ago show substantial growth.   A warm September may have stretched another inch or two of growth in some rows.  The marking flags so critical to locating seedlings in their first year have torn and faded.  Their rusted remnants will be pulled in the Spring.

Two rows of sycamore, a future shady lane,  are rising between hybrid poplars that grow even more rapidly.  Walking/biking trails were not in the original Bluecircle plan but as more and more of the acreage is filled with trees they become a possibility.

Future sycamore lane

Future sycamore lane

Some of the tulip poplar, maple and oak seedlings planted this year have been growing in tree shelters that stand like tall white straws on the downslope to N. Watervliet Rd. This was a pilot project since the shelters cost substantially more than seedlings, but so far survival and growth in the ventilated plastic tubes is encouraging. The shelters should discourage browsing deer as well. IMG_1650


Time for a change in the weather

On windy days the shore of the “big lake” gently erodes into the dunes.  The water is still warm enough for wading but a series of crisp, clear nights will soon encourage boots on the feet.   The calendar shows the Equinox has passed and the hours of darkness are again in the majority.  For a while longer the grass will still need mown.  A few red raspberries are scattered on their canes although the “berry patch” has grown wildly and today is a briar thicket.  Pruning, thinning, and restoring order there will wait until frost clears away the weeds and yellow jackets.