Santa brings a little more BlueCircle to the tree farm

IMG_1788 The season brought a small addition at one corner of the BlueCircle acreage. The owner finally decided to sell out leaving the foundation and front steps of an old cottage, a rusty furnace and smashed sink, and lots of briars and vines. Once the dead ash and dying cottonwoods are cleared out knows what other “treasures” might be found. Tonight the rare Christmas full moon shines through this scruffy woods promising colder weather and at least a little snowfall before work can begin on this project. IMG_1798
New trees will need to join the scattered maples, birch and black locust that surround the old building site. Lots on the Fairview plat were small and the original cottages were often built only a few feet from lot edges. Two and possibly three cottages may have occupied these lots in the past. Today groundhog burrows and dumped construction debris have replaced them, at least for now.


A still Winter lake

IMG_1719 Even in an unseasonably warm year the dimmed December sun sits low above the horizon. The garden still yields carrots and surprisingly good leaf lettuce, this time the “volunteer” variety that reseeded itself when we tilled that part of the garden in August. The mower deck is off the garden tractor to be cleaned and greased; at least the grass knows this is a season of short days and rest. The year-end accounting of tree seedlings that survived and those that will need replaced is underway and encouraging. Most of next year’s planting will be in a recently cleared area replacing brambles, dead black locust and weeds.