Marion’s Golden Bears

Marion Atwill owned the hill that is now the Bluecirclefarm from her second husband’s death in January 1958 until hers in 1987.  This was apparently a time of transition for both her and her land.  In the 1950s she was a successful golfer at the Berrien Hills Country Club, placing on the leader board there and in nearby Benton Harbor golf tournaments.  Presumably her years of occasional “backyard practice”  explains the many golf balls that have surfaced as we work to remove the furrows from the land.  The “Nicklaus Golden Bear #4” found on a recent frosty morning is difficult to date accurately, but similar balls date to the 1960s.   It was a difficult decade for Marion.  Her mother died in 1963 and a son was killed in a local bus-car crash the following year.  Six months later Marion was hospitalized after her own car crash and was named in a personal injury suit but another driver.   There are no further reports of her success at golf in the local newpapers, and  it is likely this phase of her life came to a close.  Within a few years the last of the fruit trees in her orchard were gone as well.


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