First harvest in the Bluecircle barn


Looking northeast from the south edge of the Bluecircle, 10/2011

The barn door installation was just in time for a hard frost and the first birthday of the Bluecircle.  More importantly, it was time to harvest the sunflower garden and getting the place enclosed was essential to keep the neighborhood raccoons from making off with the half-dried heads.  The cool, damp mornings are ideal for mold growth on the sunflowers and I underestimated the size of the job –  4 full wheelbarrows even after losing some to storms and leaving smaller heads for the jays.  This year we will try drying them in a large sling attached to the side of the barn and supported by posts.


One comment on “First harvest in the Bluecircle barn

  1. colletta doran says:

    The barn looks great!! I think you should paint a big blue M on the side 🙂 I enjoy the pictures and your updates. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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