Twisting in the sun, rain and wind

After what feels like weeks of rainy days the leaves have fallen on the Bluecircle.   This brings to a close the farm’s second year, and the image of withered sunflower leaves against the autumn sky is a fitting close to the year.   It was a difficult Summer – only the late summer weeds thrived.

Paw Paw lake levels were significantly low for most of the Summer but treatment to eradicate invasive milfoil was very effective.   Water quality is better everywhere in the lake, possibly  because water circulation in shallow areas was not impeded by dense weed banks.  With falling temperatures it’s time to put away the summer tools and water toys.

A year ago tractor barn construction was in full swing.  A more ambitious reconstruction and expansion of studio and gallery space is now nearing completion on the southwest corner of the Bluecircle where it meets the Woodland Conservancy.  This project went by the filename “garage 12” because its design evolved, through a dozen iterations, from a simple 3-car garage.  Last week was devoted to grading and leveling the old orchard property line to complete the union between farm and studio land.  We hope to seed this area, weather permitting, and get a few bird-friendly shrubs started at the boundary between the nature conservancy and mowed areas.