Baby leaves and not quite acorns

New oak leaves and their flowers are providing fresh color despite the late surge of cold air this weekend. Hopefully the frost won’t interfere with the acorn production our abundant black and grey squirrels depend on. One has already taken the liberty of an oak flower snack while dangling from the branch tip. In a taller tree a neighbor’s kind donation of pork chop left-overs made Mothers Day breakfast for another fat black squirrel.

Gnawbone squirrel, vegan no more.

Pea, spinach, lettuce and radish leaves are growing day by day in the early garden and we have enjoyed the first asparagus of the year.

Snap peas and salads of the near future

2 comments on “Baby leaves and not quite acorns

  1. colletta says:

    So jealous of the asparagus! Yummy!

  2. colletta says:

    Have you seen more animals due to Covid up there this spring/summer?

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