Ashes to ashes, chicks to hens

With apologies to the Book of Common Prayer that directs “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust” many of the tall but dead ash trees on and around the Bluecircle were felled last week.  All were victims of the emerald death (ash borer) a couple of summers ago.  When the first 10″ trunk snapped in two in a recent storm, leaving a fifteen-foot stump and thirty-foot mass of broken limbs across the path, it was time to get the rest safely down and converted to firewood. That second step will take a lot longer than the first.Peeps 1 mo.

Meanwhile, first in the cottage kitchen and now in the coop five little hatchlings have grown feathers, big feet, tiny combs and a little courage.   “The peeps” are buff Orpingtons and I’m sure they are looking forward to  weather warmer than we’ve had the last few days.  The coop is connected to a wire run but so far the little flock hasn’t ventured more than a few steps from the security of their coop and its heating pad.




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