Watching the winds and counting the raindrops (updated with weather cam link)

Weather Underground PWS KMIWATER21Cedar and spruce seedlings are thirsty their first few months, so keeping track of local rainfall is a requirement this time of year.  When Nature doesn’t provide the only alternative is the “water wagon”, a 30 gal. tank and dispensing hose strapped to the bed of our Gator. The Gator is the Bluecircle’s all-purpose “go-fer cart” (my wive wanted a golf cart & I misunderstood ), tool carrier and coffee holder.
Perhaps carrying this weather-watching to extreme, the Bluecircle now has its own weather station “East Paw Paw Lake” posting to the Wunderground family of web sites.   Since just graphing the rainfall and wind speed wasn’t quite enough we added a webcam view of Paw Paw Lake.   An updated link to the cam brings up a 24-hr recording of its images. The camera location looks west above Fairview Beach and shows parts of Bowe’s Landing and the south shore of the main body of the lake.  The changing wind conditions from day to day are reflected by the waves, or lack thereof when there’s no wind to watch.


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