A year of “blue” corn & amaz’in little punkins

The last winter wind of 2014 howls across the whitecaps and up the bluff blowing the year to a close.  The patch of blue corn, or more correctly of blue, and red, and white and green corn mixed wildly on almost every ear is only a memory.  And a lesson that such colorful varieties of vintage corn hybridize freely and cannot be planted in adjacent hills.  Even the purple stalks and husks of a few “blue corn” plants didn’t match the ears they yielded.

"Bluecorn" stalks

“Bluecorn” stalks

A midsummer blog post about the unusual hybrid squash turned out to be premature, since ultimately the extensive vine would bear 30 miniature pumpkins.  While not expected in the “summer squash” area of the garden, they provided Halloween table decorations for our local craft brewery, a tiny Jack O’lantern for a granddaughter, and even a little pumpkin pie filling.  Next year we will grow these on a trellis.


IMG_1406 DSC00778


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