Five-Star afternoon on Paw Paw Lake

Michigan inland lakes are glowingly described by Realtors as “all-sports lakes”.   But on July and August afternoons the choppy waves criss-crossed by racing ski boats makes them fit for little else until sundown – or even later if a Sheriff’s patrol is absent.  The intrepid kayaker risks being swamped, fishing is folly, and swimmers are banished to shallow coves.  Only the broad platforms of pontoon boaters can cruise with some comfort unless they too are equipped to pull guests on wake boards or tubes.  Perhaps our lakes should be called “motorsports unlimited lakes”.

Jet skies at sunset on Paw Paw Lake

Jet skies at sunset on Paw Paw Lake


Sailing Stars

To be fair, the year is more than two months long.  A more balanced use of Paw Paw Lake begins in September, and the Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club recently sailed its fleet of five Star class sailboats. There is more fishing from small boats.  Even the remaining ski boats have slowed – perhaps to enjoy the changing season.


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