Snow tracks in the woods and on the lake


The warming February sun has been unable to stay ahead of daily bursts of lake effect snow.  Conditions for cross-country skiing have been excellent both on the edges of the Bluecircle and at the nearby Sarett Nature Center.  Although most of the Center trails are less than a mile long they loop together through a pine stand, several meadows, and above the Paw Paw River east of Coloma.  Showshoe trails are separate from the groomed ski trails.

Pine Tree Loop, Sarett Nature Center

Pine Tree Loop, Sarett Nature Center

Paw Paw Lake is used by a few skiers, often taking advantage of snowmobile tracks to provide a path through the drifts.  Today’s changing weather featured a fleeting “cloud rainbow” probably produced by the icy winds aloft.DSC00754


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