Of bonfires and ashes in Spring

IMG_0884The great stump of a fallen Bluecircle tree (see post of   1 Jan 2012 ) was the site of a lengthy campfire this weekend.  Many years passed as this giant maple grew, and its roots heaving and raising the plane of the lawn will be evident for years to come.  With a steady southerly breeze, the stars of clear night sky and the Dipper straight overhead it would have been a perfect time of solace in most times, but not this season.  The Bluecircle lost a treasured daughter a few weeks ago and many tears, as well as rain, have marked the greening of the year.  New branches have yielded new leaves, and the grandaughters of the next generation visited to pick tulips and grow in the sun – but the smoky remembrance of a Winter of critical illness hangs in the air and on the clothes the morning after fire.  Dancing, transparent flames through day and into darkness have given way to living embers and finally ash mixing with the wind.  We will celebrate as best we can in mourning.


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